My trip to ‘Type A Home’

I love Victoria. I love pretty much everything about living on this part of the island. What I don’t love? the limited amount of boutique style shops that specialize in certain items. I would love it if we could see less of the big box stores and more ‘mom & pop’ shops set up. Finding good, well made organizing products is difficult in Victoria, and too often I am forced to order online and even from the U.S. which can get pretty pricey. So I was so excited when I saw that the owners of Parc Modern had opened up a sister store specifically for all things Organizing, called Type A Home.

This husband and wife team didn’t disappoint. The main level Uptown store location was filled with items for travel and car, to kitchen and bathroom. I circled the store a few times, each loop finding something else both practical and functional. There were one too many items to list as favourites, so I selected my top 5 below.

If you haven’t made it in to Type A Home yet, make sure to pop in and see how these well selected, thought out- organizing products can help you organize and simplify your home.