When your home is disorganized, your life is disorganized. There, I said it! Doesn’t it always feel good to walk into your home when its clean and tidy and everything is exactly the way it should be? And doesn’t it feel stressful when you come home to a messy home, filled with clutter? Did you know, studies show that clutter around your house raises your stress level?

All that stuff you throw into a closet or drawer, that stuff you don’t use and don’t really want but don’t have the energy or patience to go through.







All that STUFF is what is contributing to a stressful unbalanced life. Clutter doesn’t just mean the things that build up in your home, its the toxic relationships  and the exhausting schedules, they are all clutter, and you should rid yourself of it all.


Simplifying your home

When you picture your dream home, I bet its not filled with clutter. Imagine your house to be a sanctuary you come home to, a place you can kick off your shoes (and put away neatly) and relax. When you have less stuff in your home, you have less to manage, less to tidy and less to worry about. If you haven’t used something for over a year, chances are you’re not going to, and it should be passed on to someone else. Regularly (a few times a year) going through your house is essential to keeping a simple, tidy home. Be ruthless in the editing process, keeping in mind what you want your home to represent to you. For me, there is no set schedule, when I notice the pantry is looking too full or the shoe shelves look full and cluttered, I edit and pair down. I don’t keep anything I don’t use or don’t want, everything in my home serves a purpose.


Simplifying your schedule & making time for yourself

Today, being busy seems to come with a badge of honour. There’s a myth out there that the busier you are, or the faster you work the more quickly you will progress in your personal and work life.

Theres many articles and science based facts that tell us all to slow down and rest, to take time to breathe and calm your mind and body but rarely do we do this, especially in North America. Everyone has to be somewhere at some point and keep up with the rat race that is life in 2018.

In a world of over-scheduling, why not schedule in some nothing time. Time for you to sit and mediate, or go for a run, or paint a picture, anything that calms your mind and slows your pace. For me, I try and take a bath every-night, I dim the lights, grab a book and sit in the bath and read. I love diffusing essential oils in my room at night to set the stage for a peaceful nights sleep. For me, just the smells of oils in a diffuser or a aromatic bubble bath helps helps to relax me after a long day. One of my favourite and go-to wellness brand is Saje.

Just walking in any one of their stores does good for your soul. With a range of wellness products, from essential oils and natural cleaning products to baby wash and body lotion you’re sure to find something in here to treat yourself to. My favourite product is the sleep well restful sleep remedy…. simply roll onto your jaw, wrist throat or temples and sleep the night away… zzzzz


As mentioned above, its so important to take time for yourself. That time can be doing anything you want, anything that brings you happiness. It can be a once a week coffee with a friend, a pedicure every month or dinner alone (one of my favourite things to do is go to the movies alone). You know that saying “you cant fill from an empty bucket,” well its true, when you’re exhausted and over run, over-scheduled and overwhelmed it’s helping no one around you, especially yourself.

Removing the Clutter

Clutter is one of those things that you have to stay on top of, or it will consume you. To say you have “de-cluttered” isn’t something you will do once and never do again, you have to continually manage it, as it will never end. From the clothes in your closet to the paperwork piles around your home, setting time to go through these things is essential to keeping your home tidy. You wouldn’t hire a cleaning lady to clean your home once and then expect it to stay clean forever right? The same goes with decluttering and organizing. As seasons change, so does life and so does your homes function. Kids grow out of clothes, grow out of toys, you may change your wardrobe, or develop a new love of thriller novels. What this means is that for those new novels you are bringing into the house, the ones you have already read and experienced need to be passed along to someone else. The toys your kids don’t play with anymore? They have served their purpose in your home, and now they can serve a purpose in someone else’s.


Simplifying your home and your schedule, I believe, is crucial especially in todays world where life is on fast forward. Removing the clutter from your home, your mind and your schedule is so important to really enjoy life. Being busy is overrated, slow down, relax and simplify.