Storing Hockey Gear in the Garage

When Pro Stock Hockey Gear reached out to write a piece on hockey gear organization, I knew hockey parents would be eager to read how they can properly store hockey gear to preserve its longevity while keeping the garage tidy!
Below is a quick article on their suggestions as well as a storage infographic.


Storing Hockey Gear In The Garage


Hockey parents have to serve multiple roles for their kids. In addition to being their biggest fans and coaches, they have to be equipment managers. Keeping track of all the sticks, skates, helmets and other gear can be a daunting task — even for a single player. It gets more confusing when you have multiple players in your family. That’s not even considering the fact that a lot of that expensive equipment can lose its effectiveness if it isn’t cared for properly.


That’s why it’s recommended to create a space for storing those items so they’ll stay organized and in good condition. Because most people don’t have a professional locker room facility in their homes, the garage is the best place for this. You’ll need to create a system for organizing everything, add some specialized storage racks, and make sure each piece of gear has a designated spot. For example, hanging sticks on the wall gets them out of the way and keeps them from being tripped over or run over by the car.


For more tips about storing your family’s paraphernalia in the garage, take a look at the accompanying infographic. Effective organization can help you juggle your responsibilities as a hockey mom or dad.

“Infographic byPro Stock Hockey