Why you should have a junk drawer

Whether you’ve meant to or not, you likely have a designated “junk drawer” in your home. For most people, this drawer belongs in the kitchen, while for others its in the office or even a basket in a hallway somewhere.

Junk drawers are the perfect resting place for all the random items in your life. Where else does it make sense to keep the few batteries needed for the flashlight, some chapstick, rubber bands, hand lotion, calculator, coupons, etc.

What does belong in your junk drawer should be those items that you need daily or weekly that don’t necessarily need the space for their own home. If you throw things in here that need a more permanent home, this is where the junk drawer can become a catastrophe.

How to keep your junk drawer tidy?

Drawer dividers are essential to keep your junk drawers tidy. Each compartment can house a certain type of item or product. Also ensure you use the space in between the dividers and drawer walls as well. Separate the items by size and contain the various categories seperately.

A typical junk drawer before me đŸ™‚



A quick purge of items not used or expired and a $10 divider purchase ensures a functional and tidy space.