Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be around while you organize?

It is important for you to work closely with us during the de-cluttering process as we do not throw away or donate your items without your approval. However we do understand that you are busy and although we prefer you to be available, depending on the task we can implement organizational systems, stage, pack or unpack without your direct involvement.

What are your accepted methods of payment?

We currently accept cash, cheque or e-transfer.

What is your availability? Do you work weekends?

We do! With sufficient notice we can work with your schedule.

How do we begin working together?

  1. Complimentary consultation (a telephone consultation if more than 20-30 minutes outside of the Victoria area). This is when you will tell us about your home, your specific needs and what you would like to accomplish by working together. Depending on the job, I can give you an estimate of how many hours/days it will take to complete the job. This way, we can work within your budget.
  2. Once we have agreed upon a date and time, we dive right in! I will come to your home and we will work together to create a space you will love!
  3. Upon completion of the task, I will email you an invoice and you have 14 days to complete payment!

Do I need to do anything to prepare for your visit?

Nope! You can simply relax and enjoy the idea of your dream space becoming a reality! Its important that we see your space on a typical day so we can assist you where you need it most and create a functional space designed for you and your family.

What happens to the items I decide to discard or donate?

Space In Your Place will happily take all discarded or donated items (within reason) away from your home and donate to many of the charities around the Victoria area.

What exactly does a Professional Organizer do?

“A professional organizer supports and empowers clients through the creative and ethical application of organizing systems and processes, and the transfer of organizing skills, to develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs.”

Professional Organizers In Canada