Daily habits that keep my home organized

Once you have established your home as ‘organized’ it can be tough to maintain if you dont make daily organizing habits a priority. For me, I have a few things that generally get done everyday to keep my home (and family) running smoothly. For the most part, these habits happen everyday, but obviously life happens and there is the odd time that the house is a mess and their is stuff everywhere! What differentiates an organized person from someone who is not, is the mere minutes it takes to clean up the mess, instead of hours or days trying to reclaim your space.

Below are a few daily habits that I make every effort to complete:

  1. I do laundry (almost) everyday. Now this sounds like a lot, but the loads are always small and I run the washing machine on quick wash, so for the most part every load takes 15-20 minutes and I can switch to the dryer in the same hour. At some point in the evening, I fold the hot clothes out of the dryer (and remember this is a small load so takes me about 5 minutes to fold) and at bedtime, I put all the clothes away.
  2. The dishwasher is turned on before bed and emptied at breakfast. Now this doesn’t happen everyday as we dont fill up a dishwasher daily but anytime the dishwasher is full, it is emptied in the morning and any dirty dishes from breakfast are put in the dishwasher. All the counters are wiped clean afterwards
  3.  The blankets on the couch are put back in the basket and the pillows are fluffed and upright. Ok, this sounds super Type A, but when the couch is made up it makes the entire family room appear in order. I also like to clear off anything from the coffee table, except for the plant in the centre.
  4. When mail is brought in at the end of the day, right away I open it in front of the recycling drawer. I immediately recycle any junk mail, envelopes and any extra pages that your bills and statements like to include. Anything that needs to be paid right away is set aside on an area of the kitchen counter for my husband and I to discuss. Any statements or receipts and anything that needs to be filed is walked directly over to our filing cabinet and filed in a specific category.
  5. With my sons help, we tidy the playroom before bed. At 4 years old, he fully understands that If he doesn’t help to tidy his playroom, those toys will be given away. (and I mean that, check out my facebook post a few weeks back). So him & I will spend about 5 minutes tidying up, putting toys and books back to where they belong. I think this not only teaches kids respect for their things but respect for your home and the privilege they have living in it.
  6. At the end of the night, I look at my day timer and go over the next day. This quick glance just helps me to prepare for the next day, see who i’m going to work with, what time I’m getting up, and what time I need to get out the door.

I strongly believe that in a household with more than one adult at home, there needs to be chores/duties assigned to each person. As mentioned above, those are the household duties I am responsible for and my husband has his own set of duties which include;

  • Taking out the recycling everyday (this involves taking the two bins from our kitchen into the blue bins in our garage) which is about 15 steps away…
  • ok ok, he empties the dishwasher in the morning, I HATE IT! like seriously hate emptying the dishwasher. I have been known to leave dishes in the sink for days just so I dont have to empty it.. loading? I’m all over, but for some reason I just can’t empty it, so thats his job.
  • Vacuum. In addition to the weekly vacuuming I do with our heavy duty vacuum, my husband uses the Dyson battery powered V8 to do a very quick job around the main areas of the 1st floor.I’m talking like 2 minutes, its the most handy product we own!

All of these tasks/chores/ habits take 2-5 minutes each to complete but they are so critical in maintaining a clean and organized home. I can honestly say that most days when we come home, we can truly relax because everything is put back in its place and the small daily tasks that we complete haven’t been left to pile up, creating an over -cluttered and disorganized home.