10 of my favourite organizing products

2018 was full of so many amazing clients and projects. From pantries and bathrooms, to closets and garages I was able to transform so many great spaces. Sometimes organizing products aren’t needed for a project, but there are times when the right products will really enhance the function of the space.

Below is a list of my top-ten organizing products that I purchased over the last year. These are my go-to products to assist my clients in managing their homes!




  1. Real Simple Slim Line Hangers
  2. Multi-Purpose Bin 
  3. iDesign Cabinet Bins
  4. iDesign Tea Box
  5. Ikea 365 Jar with Lid
  6. iDesign acrylic adjustable drawer divider
  7. iDesign Fridge bins turntable 
  8. iDesign acrylic expandable cutlery tray 
  9. iDesign Cabinet Packet Organizer 
  10. iDesign expandable drawer organizer 

Storing Hockey Gear in the Garage

When Pro Stock Hockey Gear reached out to write a piece on hockey gear organization, I knew hockey parents would be eager to read how they can properly store hockey gear to preserve its longevity while keeping the garage tidy!
Below is a quick article on their suggestions as well as a storage infographic.


Storing Hockey Gear In The Garage


Hockey parents have to serve multiple roles for their kids. In addition to being their biggest fans and coaches, they have to be equipment managers. Keeping track of all the sticks, skates, helmets and other gear can be a daunting task — even for a single player. It gets more confusing when you have multiple players in your family. That’s not even considering the fact that a lot of that expensive equipment can lose its effectiveness if it isn’t cared for properly.


That’s why it’s recommended to create a space for storing those items so they’ll stay organized and in good condition. Because most people don’t have a professional locker room facility in their homes, the garage is the best place for this. You’ll need to create a system for organizing everything, add some specialized storage racks, and make sure each piece of gear has a designated spot. For example, hanging sticks on the wall gets them out of the way and keeps them from being tripped over or run over by the car.


For more tips about storing your family’s paraphernalia in the garage, take a look at the accompanying infographic. Effective organization can help you juggle your responsibilities as a hockey mom or dad.

“Infographic byPro Stock Hockey


When your home is disorganized, your life is disorganized. There, I said it! Doesn’t it always feel good to walk into your home when its clean and tidy and everything is exactly the way it should be? And doesn’t it feel stressful when you come home to a messy home, filled with clutter? Did you know, studies show that clutter around your house raises your stress level?

All that stuff you throw into a closet or drawer, that stuff you don’t use and don’t really want but don’t have the energy or patience to go through.







All that STUFF is what is contributing to a stressful unbalanced life. Clutter doesn’t just mean the things that build up in your home, its the toxic relationships  and the exhausting schedules, they are all clutter, and you should rid yourself of it all.


Simplifying your home

When you picture your dream home, I bet its not filled with clutter. Imagine your house to be a sanctuary you come home to, a place you can kick off your shoes (and put away neatly) and relax. When you have less stuff in your home, you have less to manage, less to tidy and less to worry about. If you haven’t used something for over a year, chances are you’re not going to, and it should be passed on to someone else. Regularly (a few times a year) going through your house is essential to keeping a simple, tidy home. Be ruthless in the editing process, keeping in mind what you want your home to represent to you. For me, there is no set schedule, when I notice the pantry is looking too full or the shoe shelves look full and cluttered, I edit and pair down. I don’t keep anything I don’t use or don’t want, everything in my home serves a purpose.


Simplifying your schedule & making time for yourself

Today, being busy seems to come with a badge of honour. There’s a myth out there that the busier you are, or the faster you work the more quickly you will progress in your personal and work life.

Theres many articles and science based facts that tell us all to slow down and rest, to take time to breathe and calm your mind and body but rarely do we do this, especially in North America. Everyone has to be somewhere at some point and keep up with the rat race that is life in 2018.

In a world of over-scheduling, why not schedule in some nothing time. Time for you to sit and mediate, or go for a run, or paint a picture, anything that calms your mind and slows your pace. For me, I try and take a bath every-night, I dim the lights, grab a book and sit in the bath and read. I love diffusing essential oils in my room at night to set the stage for a peaceful nights sleep. For me, just the smells of oils in a diffuser or a aromatic bubble bath helps helps to relax me after a long day. One of my favourite and go-to wellness brand is Saje.

Just walking in any one of their stores does good for your soul. With a range of wellness products, from essential oils and natural cleaning products to baby wash and body lotion you’re sure to find something in here to treat yourself to. My favourite product is the sleep well restful sleep remedy…. simply roll onto your jaw, wrist throat or temples and sleep the night away… zzzzz


As mentioned above, its so important to take time for yourself. That time can be doing anything you want, anything that brings you happiness. It can be a once a week coffee with a friend, a pedicure every month or dinner alone (one of my favourite things to do is go to the movies alone). You know that saying “you cant fill from an empty bucket,” well its true, when you’re exhausted and over run, over-scheduled and overwhelmed it’s helping no one around you, especially yourself.

Removing the Clutter

Clutter is one of those things that you have to stay on top of, or it will consume you. To say you have “de-cluttered” isn’t something you will do once and never do again, you have to continually manage it, as it will never end. From the clothes in your closet to the paperwork piles around your home, setting time to go through these things is essential to keeping your home tidy. You wouldn’t hire a cleaning lady to clean your home once and then expect it to stay clean forever right? The same goes with decluttering and organizing. As seasons change, so does life and so does your homes function. Kids grow out of clothes, grow out of toys, you may change your wardrobe, or develop a new love of thriller novels. What this means is that for those new novels you are bringing into the house, the ones you have already read and experienced need to be passed along to someone else. The toys your kids don’t play with anymore? They have served their purpose in your home, and now they can serve a purpose in someone else’s.


Simplifying your home and your schedule, I believe, is crucial especially in todays world where life is on fast forward. Removing the clutter from your home, your mind and your schedule is so important to really enjoy life. Being busy is overrated, slow down, relax and simplify.

Virtual Organizing!

Love what Space In Your Place can offer but you’re not local or don’t have the time or budget for hands-on professional organizing? Check out my virtual organizing services below;

What is Virtual Organizing?

Virtual Organizing is a collaborative process with a professional organizer via your phone or computer aimed to help you improve the order in your home.  Working with clients, one on one to break down the steps necessary to get your home back in shape.

Is Virtual Organizing right for you?

If you are:
• Motivated for change and have a willingness to learn
• Ready and committed to doing the hands-on work yourself, able to lift and move your own belongings
• Located outside of the Greater Victoria area, but interested in working with me
• Tired of reading organizing how-to books and not seeing the success you desire
• Familiar with using email (including sending and receiving attachments such as photographs)
• Comfortable talking on the phone or using Skype and following verbal instructions
• Able to articulate when you’re getting stuck or frustrated
• Short on time or working with a restricted budget

If any of this sounds familiar to you, send me a message and we can discuss getting your space back in shape!


Getting your car ready for summer with the kids!

It’s summer!! (finally!) For us here on the west coast of Canada it has felt like an eternity for the hot weather to arrive, but the last few days have been glorious with no signs of cold days returning anytime soon. If you’re like my family, having the car organized is crucial to being fully prepared for the events that happen throughout the summer months. Most of our free time is spent at the lake, beach or park…




Below are the items I have in my Jeep at all times from June through to September to ensure we’re ready for the most fun possible, no matter what we get up to. I keep them all in this personalized 31 bag Tote that is so easy to keep clean and big enough to fit all these items into;

  • Towel
  • Beach Blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Beach Toys
  • Travel toiletry bag filled with the following; Sunscreen, Benadryl and Benadryl after bite, chapstick with SPF, wet wipes, keelnex, baby powder (removes sand like a dream), bandaids, elastics and hair band for momma, sanitizer


I hope this gives you some ideas on what to have prepared for your car this summer… anything you use that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

Have a great summer!




Clutter & Anxiety

Its not just you, millions of people around the world find that physical clutter in the home, causes anxiety. According to Psychologist, Sherrie Bourg Carter, “Clutter can play a significant role in how we feel about our homes, our workspaces and ourselves. Messy homes and workspaces leave us feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed. Yet, rarely is clutter recognized as a significant source of stress in our lives.”




Below are 8 major reasons why Carter believes this:



  • Clutter overwhelms us because it causes excessive stimuli so our senses go into overdrive
  • It distracts us from other things we’d like to focus on
  • It makes it harder to mentally and physically relax
  • It signals to our minds that our work is never done
  • It also causes anxiety because we have to think about how we are going to clean everything up
  • It can impede productivity and creativity
  • It makes it harder for us to find what we need and takes up space for doing other necessary things on our list


The Clutter Effect

There is research that suggests that when you do take the time to declutter or streamline your surroundings, whether it be your workspace, living space, etc it can help clear up your mind. You may find your equally cluttered thoughts are traded in for relief and happieness. Along with a cluttered space, hoarding and holding onto things you dont want to let go of, stuffing them into any area you can find, this leaves you victim to “The Clutter Effect.”  “The Clutter Effect” is when you experience stress, anxiety and are overwhelmed due to the cluttered environment to the point your quality of life can be threatened and your mental and emotional health can struggle.


The good news?

Stress and anxiety caused by clutter can be eliminated. Here are some tips to help you conquer the clutter in your own home:

  1. Clean up your mess right after you make it. If it is going to take less than 2 minutes, do it right away.
  2. Get your whole family in on helping declutter the home. Explain that ensued toys, stuffies or clothing is going to other families in need.
  3. Give everything a home. Group like items together. Items that are used more frequently keep more accessible, items that are not, don’t need the prime real estate in your home.


Cant do it alone? We can help!

Real Estate and the Professional Organizer

Moving can be an exciting time for your sellers. It can also be overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. Realtors play a vital role in helping to alleviate some of that stress buying and selling a home can cause. One of the ways Realtors can help their clients is by hiring a Professional Organizer who can help the process run so much more smoothly and efficiently. Here’s how!

Setting up systems

A Professional Organizer will be able to help a client set up a system for going through items and deciding what needs to go, what needs to stay and what needs to be packed away for the move. There is no point in paying someone to move clutter from one house to the next. Start fresh in the new home with only the items that they truly love and need. Moving is a great time to purge and get rid of unwanted items.

Keeping track of packed or stored possessions      

Imagine the chaos that can ensue when clients are randomly throwing items in boxes with no rhyme or reason? Unpacking will surely be just as chaotic. mugs and frames, pillows and dvd’s? Make the process run smoother by having a Professional Organizer work alongside your clients to create a streamlined moving process. A Professional Organizer can box up the things that are not needed right now, and inventory the contents so that they can find everything after the open house or in their new home.

Unpacking in the new home  

Imagine your clients spending their first day in their new home with most of the contents neatly placed and organized? A Professional Organizer can do this for your clients. Send them to a hotel for the night and have a professional team come in and set up some of the main areas of the home. Some realtors will present their clients with a gift certificate for organization at the end of the transaction, this would be such a thoughtful and unique gift for having your clients trust you with what is most likely the biggest purchase of their life.

Introduction to Minimalism (Challenge)

Below is a list of one day tasks to help introduce you (and me!) to minimalist living. If you want to live a simpler life, more intentional life with less stuff but more time and energy for the people and things you love, incorporate this small challenge into your life.

The only rules for this challenge is to do them everyday. The order doesn’t matter so pick a task that will work for you on the day!

  1. Stay offline for one day
  2. Meditate for 15 minutes (check out youtube for great meditation channels)
  3. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours
  4. Turn off useless notifications on your phone
  5. no tv all day, read instead
  6. go for a walk
  7. create a relaxing night time routine
  8. start a journal
  9. carve out 1 hour to do something for yourself
  10. leave a whole day unplanned and decide to only do things that day that bring you joy

keeping the clutter out

We always talk about decluttering and living minimally but how exactly are we supposed to maintain that way of life? Below are some simple and effective ways to help maintain your decluttered home

Go paperless! Drastically reduce the amount of paper that comes into your home by going paperless. Most bills can be sent electronically and even provide you with a small discount for doing so. Not only does it reduce the paper in your home, but it is much more environmentally friendly.

Follow the “one thing in, one thing out” rule. If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of shoes or a new book, consider replacing it instead of adding to the collection. Keeping this train of thought will help prevent a massive collection from taking up space in your home.

-It’s not Free if you don’t need it. People often get caught up in the sales and promotions that stores advertise, making you feel the need to rush over and buy, buy, buy. “It’s on sale so its a great deal” so “we better stock up!” But if you don’t need it, then you shouldn’t buy it. 70% off of nothing is $0, you could choose to spend nothing instead.

-Have a permanent donation box. Keep a box in your home, perhaps in the garage or laundry room where you can easily place items that you no longer need. Think clothes that your kids have grown out of, kitchen items you notice you dont use or books that you have already read. Once this box becomes full, (put it in your front seat so that you don’t forget it) and drive over to your local donation centre.

Just say NO. Are you on the receiving end of hand-me-downs you don’t want or need?  Do you have friends that insist on “gifting” you with their kids old toys? Saying No can be polite and tactful but also impactful so that you aren’t constantly the dumping ground for others. “Thank you so much for thinking of us, but we have what we need and are looking to pair down a bit as we are running out of room” is one option…Received a gift you don’t want? To be polite, accept it graciously, and if you are like me it goes in the donate pile the same day. If you prefer to have it in your home a bit longer in fear that person will know you got rid of it, use it once in front of them AND THEN donate it. After all, it is YOUR home and you can decide what goes in it. Just because someone bought something for you, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. You’re under no obligation to hang onto an object that doesn’t serve you.

Dont let the little things add up. This rule is meant for those items that tend to add up overtime without you even noticing. Some very miscellaneous examples include;

The kids toys at McDonalds. They are crap toys made in China that end up getting thrown out anyway. Say no to the toys, tell your kids they ran out or there are none at this store or let them know that instead of a toy they are getting the treat of take out instead.

Fundraising t-shirts... who wears these other than the day you are actually fundraising? Say no to the pink breast cancer T-shirt (that shouldn’t be handed out anyway, think of all the money that could go towards breast cancer if they weren’t purchasing shirts).

Pens, Magnets, Calenders & Notepads from offices. Nope, Just because I got my teeth cleaned at your dental office doesn’t mean I need a magnet or pad of paper to take home. I get so many real estate pads of paper in the mail. If I had kept every one of them over the last year I would easily have 30 pads of paper I don’t need.

Receipts- Ok, obviously keep the receipts you need but for the smaller purchases (that are not tax deductible) refrain from keeping receipts for items like milk or a pedicure you got last week. If there is no chance of you returning that item you dont need to waste the paper or the space in your home.

Packaging- In general for most items the packaging can be recycled immediately. Toys, small kitchen appliances, home decor, etc. For some tech gadgets the packaging needs to be kept to mail back in case of any warranty work is needed. Double check with the store you’re purchasing your tech from to ensure this is accurate. For example, with apple products you do not need to keep your box to have your warranty covered. If you do decide to keep these boxes, flatten them and store them under a bed, or in a office closet.


I hope this list gives you some ideas on how you can maintain a clutter free home!


Daily habits that keep my home organized

Once you have established your home as ‘organized’ it can be tough to maintain if you dont make daily organizing habits a priority. For me, I have a few things that generally get done everyday to keep my home (and family) running smoothly. For the most part, these habits happen everyday, but obviously life happens and there is the odd time that the house is a mess and their is stuff everywhere! What differentiates an organized person from someone who is not, is the mere minutes it takes to clean up the mess, instead of hours or days trying to reclaim your space.

Below are a few daily habits that I make every effort to complete:

  1. I do laundry (almost) everyday. Now this sounds like a lot, but the loads are always small and I run the washing machine on quick wash, so for the most part every load takes 15-20 minutes and I can switch to the dryer in the same hour. At some point in the evening, I fold the hot clothes out of the dryer (and remember this is a small load so takes me about 5 minutes to fold) and at bedtime, I put all the clothes away.
  2. The dishwasher is turned on before bed and emptied at breakfast. Now this doesn’t happen everyday as we dont fill up a dishwasher daily but anytime the dishwasher is full, it is emptied in the morning and any dirty dishes from breakfast are put in the dishwasher. All the counters are wiped clean afterwards
  3.  The blankets on the couch are put back in the basket and the pillows are fluffed and upright. Ok, this sounds super Type A, but when the couch is made up it makes the entire family room appear in order. I also like to clear off anything from the coffee table, except for the plant in the centre.
  4. When mail is brought in at the end of the day, right away I open it in front of the recycling drawer. I immediately recycle any junk mail, envelopes and any extra pages that your bills and statements like to include. Anything that needs to be paid right away is set aside on an area of the kitchen counter for my husband and I to discuss. Any statements or receipts and anything that needs to be filed is walked directly over to our filing cabinet and filed in a specific category.
  5. With my sons help, we tidy the playroom before bed. At 4 years old, he fully understands that If he doesn’t help to tidy his playroom, those toys will be given away. (and I mean that, check out my facebook post a few weeks back). So him & I will spend about 5 minutes tidying up, putting toys and books back to where they belong. I think this not only teaches kids respect for their things but respect for your home and the privilege they have living in it.
  6. At the end of the night, I look at my day timer and go over the next day. This quick glance just helps me to prepare for the next day, see who i’m going to work with, what time I’m getting up, and what time I need to get out the door.

I strongly believe that in a household with more than one adult at home, there needs to be chores/duties assigned to each person. As mentioned above, those are the household duties I am responsible for and my husband has his own set of duties which include;

  • Taking out the recycling everyday (this involves taking the two bins from our kitchen into the blue bins in our garage) which is about 15 steps away…
  • ok ok, he empties the dishwasher in the morning, I HATE IT! like seriously hate emptying the dishwasher. I have been known to leave dishes in the sink for days just so I dont have to empty it.. loading? I’m all over, but for some reason I just can’t empty it, so thats his job.
  • Vacuum. In addition to the weekly vacuuming I do with our heavy duty vacuum, my husband uses the Dyson battery powered V8 to do a very quick job around the main areas of the 1st floor.I’m talking like 2 minutes, its the most handy product we own!

All of these tasks/chores/ habits take 2-5 minutes each to complete but they are so critical in maintaining a clean and organized home. I can honestly say that most days when we come home, we can truly relax because everything is put back in its place and the small daily tasks that we complete haven’t been left to pile up, creating an over -cluttered and disorganized home.