Real Estate and the Professional Organizer

Moving can be an exciting time for your sellers. It can also be overwhelming, exhausting and frustrating. Realtors play a vital role in helping to alleviate some of that stress buying and selling a home can cause. One of the ways Realtors can help their clients is by hiring a Professional Organizer who can help the process run so much more smoothly and efficiently. Here’s how!

Setting up systems

A Professional Organizer will be able to help a client set up a system for going through items and deciding what needs to go, what needs to stay and what needs to be packed away for the move. There is no point in paying someone to move clutter from one house to the next. Start fresh in the new home with only the items that they truly love and need. Moving is a great time to purge and get rid of unwanted items.

Keeping track of packed or stored possessions      

Imagine the chaos that can ensue when clients are randomly throwing items in boxes with no rhyme or reason? Unpacking will surely be just as chaotic. mugs and frames, pillows and dvd’s? Make the process run smoother by having a Professional Organizer work alongside your clients to create a streamlined moving process. A Professional Organizer can box up the things that are not needed right now, and inventory the contents so that they can find everything after the open house or in their new home.

Unpacking in the new home  

Imagine your clients spending their first day in their new home with most of the contents neatly placed and organized? A Professional Organizer can do this for your clients. Send them to a hotel for the night and have a professional team come in and set up some of the main areas of the home. Some realtors will present their clients with a gift certificate for organization at the end of the transaction, this would be such a thoughtful and unique gift for having your clients trust you with what is most likely the biggest purchase of their life.