Seasonal clothing switch out

Every Fall & Spring I make it a priority to assess my closet. Before I moved into a home with more space, I had to make the best of sharing a very small closet with my husband. In the spring, (around May) I gather my ‘Seasonal Tote’ full of my warmer weather clothes and begin the switch out.


I pile all of the cold weather clothes from my closet  onto the bed and go  through every single item before it goes into storage for 5-6 months.

With a few questions in mind I determine;

  • Did I wear this piece of clothing this season?
  • Is it in good shape?
  • Do I feel good in this?
  • Is it clean?


If I can answer yes to the above questions, into the ‘seasonal tote’ it goes. If any of the answers are no, it either goes into a donation pile or into the trash.

Once I have emptied the closet of all colder weather clothes, I can then begin to fold or hang all of my spring and summer clothes. Evaluating each piece as place it in the closet, I can assess once again the questions asked above.



This process ensures I only keep in my closet what I truly use and enjoy. There is no point to having clothes in your closet that you don’t like, or don’t flatter your body. Everyone has that favourite t-shirt of pair of jeans. Why not make every piece of clothing you own, your favourite?