Why fewer toys will benefit your kids

Toys… they seem to be never ending these days. If you have children you understand! I am constantly telling clients, less! less! less! So for this post I complied a few reasons why fewer toys will actually benefit your kids.

Toys are not JUST playthings, they actually form the building blocks for our children’s future. While an abundance of these building blocks seems like a logical idea, kids thrive on much less toys than you would expect; and here’s why:

1. Kids experience more of nature. Children who are not bombarded with toys filing up their rooms, family rooms and basements, are more likely to explore the great outdoors, running, hiding, and involving themselves in physical exercise which leads to healthy bodies and healthy minds.

2. Kids learn to be more creative. So many toys prevent kids from letting their imagination run wild. With less toys, kids are forced to make believe, be creative and think outside the box.

3. Kids establish better social skills. Children with fewer toys, learn how to develop relationships with their peers and even with other adults. Instead of busying themselves with an abundance of toys, they learn how to converse back and forth with others.

4. Kids learn to take greater care of things. When children are overwhelmed with the amount of toys in their possession, they are naturally less likely to want to take care of them all. They do not learn to value them if there is always a replacement ready at hand.

5.Kids live in a cleaner, tidier home. If you have children, you know that toy clutter can quickly take over your entire home. Having fewer toys results in a less cluttered and more organized home.