FAQ’S from my booth at the Women’s Show!

What a busy and fantastic weekend at the Victoria Women’s Fall Expo.This was my first time showcasing my business and it was such a great experience. I learned a lot from the women (and some men) I met throughout the weekend and made some great friends. I received a lot of great questions and feedback regarding the organizing business so I thought i would address some of the repeated questions here on my blog…

1. Do you sell any storage products? Do you provide any organizational products?

I personally do not sell any products. I can however, recommend a wide variety of of organizational products to add to my service. For a small fee, most clients have me purchase the products for them that fits within their budget and within the space we create for them. Other people enjoy shopping for the products themselves from a descriptive list I create for them. The choice is up to you!

2. Do you clean?

A benefit to having an organized home is that when it does come time to clean, there is less stuff lying around to pick up and move to clean under. When I do move items from one place to the next or create a new space in your home, I always make sure to dust/wipe down any surfaces so that we aren’t placing any of your items on a dirty surface. Some of my clients hire a cleaning service ( I can recommend a few) after I have completed the organizing process to really feel like they have made a fresh start and clean slate!

3. Do you organize small spaces?

Absolutely! I have been hired to organize bachelor apartments to a 4000 square foot home.  There is really no project to big or to small that I won’t consider.

4. Is this service confidential?

When you decide to hire Space In Your Place, you can rest assured everything about your experience with me is completely confidential.