Command Centers

Is your kitchen counter piled up with papers? is your coffee table your catchall full of unwanted random items? Here is a simple step by step guide to help you create a space in your home where it is easy and convenient to throw your days things but still manage to keep them organized…

Pick The Perfect Spot

Your landing area won’t be effective if its not in the right spot. The key is to identify an area of your home thats in the arrival traffic pattern. This could be a cupboard in the kitchen or a designated basket on the laundry room shelf. The important thing here is that it is easily accessible to get to and manage. My landing area happens to be on my office desk where i have a 3 tiered paper tray. I like some of these ideas below.

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Set It Up

When setting up your landing area, consider the items you bring into the house on a daily basis. For most people that involves paperwork. The examples listed above area all great ideas for paperwork, whether that be bills, invoices, schoolwork, kids projects or assignments, paperwork adds up. Try labeling these products into categories, such as “to do” or “to be sorted”. This would include the paperwork that needs to be addressed still. Another category could be “completed” this is where the paperwork has been addressed but needs to be filed or discarded. Finally another category could be considered your “outbox” this is where items like school assignments that have been signed or completed need to go back to school.

Decorate to Motivate

Do what works for you! flowers, thoughtful quotes, pictures of family. If it looks cute you will be more inclined to keep it that way!

Set up a desk date

The truth is that it takes time to deal with all the paperwork in our lives. Want an inbox that is delightfully uncluttered? Set aside a few minutes every evening or 15-20 minutes a week to go through your paperwork and it won’t end up being a huge monster of a mess!

Encourage Use

This landing area is great and all… if it gets used! So make sure to let everyone in the house know that when things come into the house, it needs to be placed in a specific area and not just left on a random kitchen counter or on the floor where it will get lost. This is to ensure that the house runs smoothly and efficiently.