My Favourite Products!

Can we call this Rachel’s favourite things? (Like Oprah’s favourite things?) although mine are probably not as exciting and I won’t be giving away a car.. nonetheless, below are just a few of my favourite items when organizing. Most of these items below I use in my home and find them both aesthetically pleasing and also very functional. Any items you swear by when organizing a space?


Storage Basket (Ikea’s Byholma chest) $69.99

I never thought I would love this wicker chest until I had a baby! This Ikea product is one of my favourites because it holds so much stuff! I can fit most of my sons toys in here and whats nice is that it sits in my family room and doesn’t look tacky or out of place. Not your typical “toy box,” it looks cute and is easy accessible for my son to open up and empty the contents.. all. over. the. floor. But as quickly as he dumps it all out, i can easily put it all back in and the family room is once again clean. For a few minutes anyway.



Sterilite Storage Totes

These storage totes are great for just about anything you want to put away and store. I like this brand particularly because they are clear so you can see what is in them, plus the latch on lid is ideal for keeping things safe inside. They are always readily available at Walmart and i find them comparable to other brands as well. Sterilite makes these totes in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Ikea’s Kallax Unit- $149.99

This unit comes in so many sizes and 4 different colors. What I like about this product is that you can use so many different baskets, boxes, bins in it to suit your needs. This can be used in an office to hold files, important documents, or a kids play room to hold toys, games, stuffed animals. You can store books, DVD’s, shoes, clothes, towels.. the list is endless…




Ikea’s Kvarnvik Box with Lid- $19.99

Like mentioned with the unit above, these storage boxes are great for holding just about anything. They are clean & simple looking and fit perfectly in the Kallax unit.



Sterilite Stacking baskets

These baskets are great for just about anywhere, but i find them most useful under your bathroom sink to hold your toiletries, extra bathroom items, etc. They are great to stack as well, maximizing more space.




Acrylic Storage Containers- $4.99-$16.99

These clear acrylic containers are ideal for bathroom or kitchen drawers. You can customize this modular system to fit your desired space.