I believe your home should be functional and beautiful! Just about anyone can come into your home and ‘tidy-up’. A certified professional organizer is trained to create systems that last. If you have made attempts to get organized in the past that have left you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, it is time to learn a process that will intuitively work for you. Having an organized home will change your life in the most wonderful ways.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation I will meet in your home and discuss the challenges you are facing and how you imagine your home to be once I am finished my job. I can make immediate suggestions you can use to improve your space and from there develop a plan that together we can work towards!


Space in your Place specializes in the de-cluttering and organizing of homes and personal collections. I serve the Greater Victoria area but will travel longer distances for a fee. My primary services are listed below.


  • Comprehensive complimentary consultation and needs assessment
  • Customized on site organizing plan
  • Guided de-cluttering
  • Space planning
  • Organizing product recommendations
  • “Where to Donate” list and other personalized resources
  • Strategies for maintaining order long term

This process, first and foremost, involves the elimination of clutter in the home. Clutter comes in many forms whether that be too many toys in the family room taking up precious space or too many books on the bookshelf. I do not force clients to get rid of things they love. Instead, I help them identify what is essential to support their current lifestyle. I then create systems with your specific needs in mind. As an option, products can be chosen to define spaces and improve the home’s functionality. Clients come away with an understanding of the organizing process and are taught how to maintain the work we have completed. I can provide you with practical advice that you can apply to any area in your home.

I can assist and have experience in any of the rooms listed below:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms
  • closets
  • garages
  • basements
  • offices
  • storage rooms
  • play rooms


Kids School Memory Totes

I started creating these when my son was born as a way to keep all of his memories organized. (I also have a box for larger memories such as coming home from the hospital outfit & his hospital bracelets, etc) This box is very simple and easy to use. I use a 32 L Tote box with lid (13.38 L x 15.19 W x 10.88″ H). I use 14 hanging letter file folders all holding 1 file folder each labeled from Preschool all the way through to Grade 12. Each hanging file folder also comes with a page to include a yearly photo and some information about the school, teacher, year, etc. These memory totes can be conveniently stored in a closet, garage or crawl space as they are sealed with a lid and are $45 each.

Items to include in your School Memory Tote:

  • School Pictures
  • Report cards
  • artwork
  • certifications/awards
  • team photos

Suggestions for additional file folders:

  • swimming
  • dance
  • sports
  • activities

Now of course you don’t want to include EVERYTHING your child brings home from school! When there are bigger pieces of art that I dont want to keep in the memory tote but still want to “remember” I use my favourite app, Artkive.


Artkive is an app designed to elimiate the guilt you get tossing your child’s artwork into piles upon piles on the kitchen counter…which eventually lead to the garbage. Artkive chronologically stores, shares and prints your child’s artwork or schoolwork. You can turn your child’s mounds of artwork into a simple hard cover photo book to look back on and enjoy for years! (without all the clutter of the paperwork left behind!).