“AMAZING. What more can I say? Rachel took our cramped and crowded space and made it actually livable. The best thing about us hiring Rachel is that since it’s been done, our place is wayyy easier to keep clean! My kid’s room is still immaculate, and our kitchen is stress free. I feel like I will always want to have her around because she just has a great personality, and is so motivated to get the job done. 10/10 recommend.”
– Kelsey, Victoria BC

“I have nothing but great things to say about Rachel & Space in your place!
She helped me reorganize my master closet (which I had avoided dealing with for a while 😳). Happy to say it is (still) a functional organized space!
It’s honestly the best feeling to have that closet purged and organized, I wish now I did it sooner. Rachel made the overwhelming situation (that I had procrastinated for a while) effortless for me by checking in with me along the way to see how I was doing, gave some great tips and suggestions along the way too.
You will not be disappointed if you hire Rachel to help you with any room in your house.”
-Julie, Victoria BC

“I desperately needed Rachel’s help, and she delivered!
She helped create a functional, organized kitchen where only chaos existed before. Even now, weeks later, it’s still clean, because it’s now easy to clean up! Everything has a place, and it all looks great.Thank you so much!”
-Marlise, Victoria BC

“This service is so awesome! My garage never looked so good and I felt so organized. Summer has literally gotten easier now that all I have to do is grab a box and toss it in my car for different activities and put it right back when I get home. Looking forward to the rest of my house!!! Can’t say enough good things here.”
-Erin, Victoria BC

“Working with Space in your Place was so amazing! She made it so easy to get rid of unused items and organized my daughters room in a way that makes it easy and fun for her to tidy up. I would highly recommend Space in your Place, and look forward to utilizing her organizational skills again!”
-Roberta, Victoria BC

“Everybody NEEDS Rachel in their lives! She took my crazy chaotic house and turned it into a cozy, organized and clean home. I continue to recommend her to all my friends as she exceeded my expectations with her knowledge, skill and service. The best part was after we decluttered and organized she took everything away to be donated. It was great to not have to worry about how to deal with everything, and I’m happy to know it’s been donated to those in need”
-Philipa, Victoria BC

“My laundry room became my dumping ground of random ‘where do I put this’ items. I had zero motivation to get in there and organize myself. Rachel came in and made organizing easy. It went from a place that I dreaded opening the door, to a place that I now love. Thank you Rachel!”
-Angie,Victoria BC

“My family of 4 live in a small condo and we had accumulated a lot of crap! It was stress both my husband and I out and actually putting a strain on our relationship I had heard about Space in your Place Organizing by a friend of mine who had hired her for her kitchen and I can’t say enough about my experience with her organizing business. From the start she helped me with with realistic storage solutions for my home and has transformed our space to be much more functional! My husband and I are both so much happier and relaxed. The kids are happier too! I love the space she helped us to create. I highly recommend her if your in need of streamlining your life and organizing your home. I love supporting local women in business and she is amazing!!”
-Heather,Victoria BC

“HUGE thank you for the amazing job you did helping me organize my living room and the kids’ room. I’m sure you hear this all the time: I was feeling completely overwhelmed and could not focus at home when trying to work. The constant clutter was a source of stress for my husband and I and we could never find anything. It would take 2 hours of taking the kids out of the house for one adult to do a tidy and sweep before we had guests over. After you sorted us out, we had the house ready to go in about 90seconds the day we were dealing all morning with a flooded basement and then hosted a birthday brunch.
I am not exaggerating when I say that I honestly feel like a huge weight has been lifted and a feeling of clarity and focus restored. I knew the principal of having a clean and tidy desk to be productive, but didn’t realize how the weight of chaos was impacting my personal life.
Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to working with you more in the New Year”
-Alyx, Victoria BC

“The playroom is always in a state of flux as they outgrow toys. But the tools you gave me to sort stuff really helped. The laundry room and closet are both still great too! it really helps to have everything in its own labeled buckets. You even inspired me to put some pictures on the wall. My house would be in shambles if I hadn’t met you. I so appreciate all your help! I even ended up tackling the kitchen on my own and it is working so much better. It is amazing how much junk we have and we don’t even realize it! Thanks so much for your help!”
-G. Victoria BC