Why you should have a junk drawer

Whether you’ve meant to or not, you likely have a designated “junk drawer” in your home. For most people, this drawer belongs in the kitchen, while for others its in the office or even a basket in a hallway somewhere.

Junk drawers are the perfect resting place for all the random items in your life. Where else does it make sense to keep the few batteries needed for the flashlight, some chapstick, rubber bands, hand lotion, calculator, coupons, etc.

What does belong in your junk drawer should be those items that you need daily or weekly that don’t necessarily need the space for their own home. If you throw things in here that need a more permanent home, this is where the junk drawer can become a catastrophe.

How to keep your junk drawer tidy?

Drawer dividers are essential to keep your junk drawers tidy. Each compartment can house a certain type of item or product. Also ensure you use the space in between the dividers and drawer walls as well. Separate the items by size and contain the various categories seperately.

A typical junk drawer before me 🙂



A quick purge of items not used or expired and a $10 divider purchase ensures a functional and tidy space.




7 Easy Organizing Tips



Below are tips on how to organize various spots throughout your home. The last one is my favourite and truly the “secret” to remaining organized.



Junk drawers are a necessity, but they need some help once in a while. Tip: Once they’re organized, don’t try to eliminate them or the loose change and batteries will end up in another drawer. (Trust me on this one, I’ve tried.) Just try to organize your junk drawers every 2-3 months.


With all the recent hacking stories in the news, I do not recommend keeping this list electronically. My recommendation is to write them down (in pencil) in a small notebook. When required to change a password, erase it and write down the new one. Keep your list in the same place so it never gets lost!


Do you watch a lot of streaming video on Netflix, Crave etc? Free up space and consider selling or donating DVDs you don’t watch or don’t need. UsedVictoria or Varagesale are great sites to sell unwanted DVD’s.

If there are home videos you would like to save, have them converted to a DVD or other type of media. But otherwise, ditch your VHS tapes! Get rid of that shelf of DVD cases! Put your DVDs in a binder (or two, or three) with plastic sleeves to save space.


Check your pantry, medicine cabinet, make-up drawer, cleaning supplies, and toiletries.

If it’s expired, you shouldn’t have it. If you have good food that isn’t expired and you aren’t going to eat it, donate it to a shelter in Victoria. For all of these items (even if it isn’t expired), if you don’t need it or use it, then get rid of it! Pare it down and only keep what you need so you can free up space.


Everyone has socks that just don’t have a match. Next time you find one or open that sock drawer, spend an extra 15 minutes to sort through the socks. The ones that don’t have a match should be ditched. If you find one, hold onto it for a week or so and then move on. Missing socks are a part of life and shouldn’t burden you! If you don’t want to throw them away, toss them all into a zip bag and donate to Goodwill, or another place that will also recycle clothing items.


To keep them organized, store your instruction manuals and receipts for major purchases all in a centralized spot. I recommend using a 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves or a folder, or in a accordion style file folder.

Another option is to ditch the manuals altogether and find a link to them online. Look up the item number, copy the link to the manual, and place them all into a document on your computer saved as “Instruction Manuals”.


Wait, what? Haha!

Despite what most of Pinterest, organizing stores, makers of bins, “experts” and bloggers tell you, you don’t need fancy new bins or dollar store items that can be repurposed. You don’t need to hang onto everything because you are not a store. Stop going to the thrift store and buying stupid organizing devices designed not to organize, but to take away precious space.

No, no. Ignore all of that. You don’t need more places for your stuff. 🙂 You need to get rid of stuff. I promise, you don’t need it all.

The best way to get organized is to have less. Then, put your stuff away and keep it in the same spot. (I know, earth shattering stuff here!) And then, stop bringing so much in.


FAQ’S from my booth at the Women’s Show!

What a busy and fantastic weekend at the Victoria Women’s Fall Expo.This was my first time showcasing my business and it was such a great experience. I learned a lot from the women (and some men) I met throughout the weekend and made some great friends. I received a lot of great questions and feedback regarding the organizing business so I thought i would address some of the repeated questions here on my blog…

1. Do you sell any storage products? Do you provide any organizational products?

I personally do not sell any products. I can however, recommend a wide variety of of organizational products to add to my service. For a small fee, most clients have me purchase the products for them that fits within their budget and within the space we create for them. Other people enjoy shopping for the products themselves from a descriptive list I create for them. The choice is up to you!

2. Do you clean?

A benefit to having an organized home is that when it does come time to clean, there is less stuff lying around to pick up and move to clean under. When I do move items from one place to the next or create a new space in your home, I always make sure to dust/wipe down any surfaces so that we aren’t placing any of your items on a dirty surface. Some of my clients hire a cleaning service ( I can recommend a few) after I have completed the organizing process to really feel like they have made a fresh start and clean slate!

3. Do you organize small spaces?

Absolutely! I have been hired to organize bachelor apartments to a 4000 square foot home.  There is really no project to big or to small that I won’t consider.

4. Is this service confidential?

When you decide to hire Space In Your Place, you can rest assured everything about your experience with me is completely confidential.



Command Centers

Is your kitchen counter piled up with papers? is your coffee table your catchall full of unwanted random items? Here is a simple step by step guide to help you create a space in your home where it is easy and convenient to throw your days things but still manage to keep them organized…

Pick The Perfect Spot

Your landing area won’t be effective if its not in the right spot. The key is to identify an area of your home thats in the arrival traffic pattern. This could be a cupboard in the kitchen or a designated basket on the laundry room shelf. The important thing here is that it is easily accessible to get to and manage. My landing area happens to be on my office desk where i have a 3 tiered paper tray. I like some of these ideas below.

..DesktopOrganizer img-thing Paper-Organizer traditional-desk-accessories


Set It Up

When setting up your landing area, consider the items you bring into the house on a daily basis. For most people that involves paperwork. The examples listed above area all great ideas for paperwork, whether that be bills, invoices, schoolwork, kids projects or assignments, paperwork adds up. Try labeling these products into categories, such as “to do” or “to be sorted”. This would include the paperwork that needs to be addressed still. Another category could be “completed” this is where the paperwork has been addressed but needs to be filed or discarded. Finally another category could be considered your “outbox” this is where items like school assignments that have been signed or completed need to go back to school.

Decorate to Motivate

Do what works for you! flowers, thoughtful quotes, pictures of family. If it looks cute you will be more inclined to keep it that way!

Set up a desk date

The truth is that it takes time to deal with all the paperwork in our lives. Want an inbox that is delightfully uncluttered? Set aside a few minutes every evening or 15-20 minutes a week to go through your paperwork and it won’t end up being a huge monster of a mess!

Encourage Use

This landing area is great and all… if it gets used! So make sure to let everyone in the house know that when things come into the house, it needs to be placed in a specific area and not just left on a random kitchen counter or on the floor where it will get lost. This is to ensure that the house runs smoothly and efficiently.

My Favourite Products!

Can we call this Rachel’s favourite things? (Like Oprah’s favourite things?) although mine are probably not as exciting and I won’t be giving away a car.. nonetheless, below are just a few of my favourite items when organizing. Most of these items below I use in my home and find them both aesthetically pleasing and also very functional. Any items you swear by when organizing a space?


Storage Basket (Ikea’s Byholma chest) $69.99

I never thought I would love this wicker chest until I had a baby! This Ikea product is one of my favourites because it holds so much stuff! I can fit most of my sons toys in here and whats nice is that it sits in my family room and doesn’t look tacky or out of place. Not your typical “toy box,” it looks cute and is easy accessible for my son to open up and empty the contents.. all. over. the. floor. But as quickly as he dumps it all out, i can easily put it all back in and the family room is once again clean. For a few minutes anyway.



Sterilite Storage Totes

These storage totes are great for just about anything you want to put away and store. I like this brand particularly because they are clear so you can see what is in them, plus the latch on lid is ideal for keeping things safe inside. They are always readily available at Walmart and i find them comparable to other brands as well. Sterilite makes these totes in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Ikea’s Kallax Unit- $149.99

This unit comes in so many sizes and 4 different colors. What I like about this product is that you can use so many different baskets, boxes, bins in it to suit your needs. This can be used in an office to hold files, important documents, or a kids play room to hold toys, games, stuffed animals. You can store books, DVD’s, shoes, clothes, towels.. the list is endless…




Ikea’s Kvarnvik Box with Lid- $19.99

Like mentioned with the unit above, these storage boxes are great for holding just about anything. They are clean & simple looking and fit perfectly in the Kallax unit.



Sterilite Stacking baskets

These baskets are great for just about anywhere, but i find them most useful under your bathroom sink to hold your toiletries, extra bathroom items, etc. They are great to stack as well, maximizing more space.




Acrylic Storage Containers- $4.99-$16.99

These clear acrylic containers are ideal for bathroom or kitchen drawers. You can customize this modular system to fit your desired space.





So here it is.. my very first blog! As i’m new to this blogging thing i will keep it short & simple. I love all things organized. ORGANIZING-THE-KITCHEN_IDEAS-ON-ORGANIZING_KITCHEN-ORGNIZATION_HOME-DECOR-3I love the challenges that this job provides me and i thoroughly enjoy meeting new clients everyday. The best part of this job is working with people to help them achieve that organized and functional room that they’ve always wanted but have never had the time or direction to complete. On these blogs i plan on sharing tips and tricks and also sharing in the experiences of the organizing processes along the way! Thanks for stopping by!